Do you set up the space for us too?

If you rent my backdrops for your wedding Platinum will be there to set up and tear down. I will also deliver and pick up the other items you have rented from me. That service is free of charge. If you have not rented my backdrop but want me to set up for your reception I charge $50 per hour. Chair set up is free.

How far in advance do we need to book the date?

A good 6 months in advance of your date is always good. Though I have 2 backdrops to rent per weekend and they always go fast. Sooner is much better than later.

Do you have a rental minimum order amount?

Rent as little or as much as you like.

How does the payment work?

1/2 down at the time of your reservation. This reserves the items you have selected for your date. Final 1/2 is due 2 weeks before your event.

What about rain?

Rain happens.This is Nebraska. Always, always have a back up plan. If you rented chairs for your outdoor wedding and you are going to get rained out, I will refund you 1/2 of your total.

How far will you travel to set up?

Delivery is free in the Kearney and surrounding area. 50 cents per mile if outside the 30 mile Kearney radius. My items are always available to be picked up and taken to where your event is. The rental period is from Thursday - Tuesday.

What if I don't know how many guests I will have yet?

This is why you pay 1/2 down. Your numbers at the beginning of your planning is an estimate at best. The closer to your date you will notice your numbers firming up. I leave the back end of your reservation open for the fluctuation of numbers. If numbers are lower than planned - we remove items. If numbers are higher than planned - we add items. You do not pay for anything you don't use!

Here is the equation we use in the wedding biz:

Count your number of invites. Not People.  ( let's say 250 invites)

Double that number. (500)

Divide by 3. (167)

Subtract 167 by 500.  (333)

Add the number in the wedding party (let's say 14) to 333. (347)

Your number would be 350. This formula is weirdly accurate!

more questions?

Shoot us an email